Currently we grow flowers, along with food and timber on our 5 acre plot in North Pembrokeshire. We are in the process of applying for planning permission to turn our land into a ‘One Planet Development’. This means that we will be able to live on our land subject to strict planning conditions.

We are placing our Planning Application documents here so that any interested people can see what we are planning, and can offer us feedback about our proposals. This feedback will be copied to the Planning Authority and form part of our planning application process.

Parc y Delyn Application Form

Parc y Delyn Management Plan

Parc y Delyn Ecology Report

Parc y Delyn 5 yr. cashflow forecast

Parc y Delyn EFA calculator

LANDMAP and Baseline data

Parc y Delyn 1.1 Location Plan

Parc y Delyn 1.2 Proposed Layout

Parc y Delyn 1.3 Gradient Plan

Parc y Delyn 1.4 Parking and Access

Parc y Delyn 1.5 Entranceway

Parc y Delyn 2.1 Cabin and Greenhouse Plan

Parc y Delyn 2.2 Cabin and Greenhouse Elevations

Parc y Delyn 2.3 Cabin and Greenhouse Elevations

Parc y Delyn 3.1 Outbuilding Plans and Elevations

Parc y Delyn 4.1 Barn Plan

Parc y Delyn 4.2 Barn Elevations

Parc y Delyn 5.1 Timber Store

Parc y Delyn 6.1 Stall

Parc y Delyn Pre-Application Consultation Report


If you wish to comment on our planning application, please email these comments through to:-

Or write to John Powell, Fachongle Isaf, Cilgwyn, Pembrokeshire SA42 0QR