About Emma

I started growing flowers in 2011 with a deep love of nature, and inspired by the wealth and colours of the flowers available to us that grow freely in this climate.

With an awareness of the plight of the honey bee in mind, my first plan had been simply to grow flowers for pollinators and collect honey, but the plan grew and so did the garden, and now here we are, growing beautiful flowers to cut for all the different ways of celebrating the abundance and joy that life offers.

All the flowers that we grow are grown without the use of harmful chemicals or heated glass houses in order to lessen the impact that we have on the earths resources. The soil is fed naturally by compost made on site, and we encourage wildlife as part of our overall management plan. We do this because we care about the future of the planet and the future for our children and we believe that you do too.

Her flowers were perfect and so unique.’

Ben & Heather

‘Emma and her home-grown flowers were a huge highlight of our wedding, that aligned with the aesthetic and ethics we wanted.’

Sian & Sam

‘ All of our guests commented on how wonderful the flowers looked.

Lauren & Barry

We love to buy Emma’s flowers to decorate the tables of our cafe and bakery. It’s inspiring to see the rich, colourful variety of flowers which can be grown in nearby North Pembrokeshire and the flowers are an important part of the atmosphere of the cafe, showing that we care about the details, and that we celebrate the local, the sustainable and the beautiful.”

Jack & Seren, Bara Menyn Bakehouse, Cardigan

As a sustainable wedding planner based in Pembrokeshire, Emma is my first choice for both supplying home grown, seasonal flowers, and for her incredible talents as a florist.

After many years of hard work and dedication Emma has established a truly inspiring flower garden where she grows all her own organic blooms, providing local biodiversity and a green alternative in the floristry industry.

Her extensive knowledge of local seasonal flowers is expressed through her floral arrangements and I  have absolute confidence that my clients will always love her flowers and her work.

You are an absolute joy to work with Emma and I look forward to many more years of creating magical weddings together.

Ness, Togetherness Wedding Planning
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